Southampton Solid and Stylish

The Southampton Press • January 2007

Concrete is one of the world’s most used building materials for good reason. The material is durable, resistant to weather, fire and pests, and can be used to form almost any shape. Concrete has long been relegated to the background, as material for foundations and sidewalks. But today, some enterprising contractors have decided to bring concrete to the forefront of construction—building houses in which concrete makes up most of the house, floors, walls, and ceilings...  
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Enlisting a Fortress to Battle the Elements

New York Times • September 2006

Mr. Alimanestianu, who has been building high-end wood frame houses in the Hamptons for more than 20 years, started exploring concrete methods four years ago. "It's a much better way to go if you want security against hurricanes, termites, rot, aging - all the things that go with wood construction," he said...  Read article


Southampton Concrete Solid in Southampton

Concrete Homes • January 2007

Insulating concrete forms (ICFs), whether blocks or panels, have been around for several years—long enough for the industry to develop a number of systems. ICFs are differentiated by the design of the forms, type of materials for ties and style of connections... 


Dream Home - Planning Personal Paradise

Resident • July 2006

Size isn't everything—sometimes owning a smaller home can be just as luxurious. Here are some hints to help you turn your humble home into a palace all your own.


Southampton Building Corporation Plum Feature

Plum TV • 2007

Southampton Building Corporation will assist you with every facet of the building experience, whether you’d like a traditional custom-built wood-frame building, a modern glass and steel, or a concrete structure. Over 29 years’ experience has made Nicholas Alimanestianu an expert in all facets of the conceptual, design and construction processes and how they relate to the selection of a desired style.